Zong 4G - Advertisement Review

by - January 04, 2019

Zong 4G Advertisement Review

No, he is not the tired one cursing himself for not finding Naya Pakistan even in deserts. He is the one appears in 45-seconds musical commercial full of dhol dhamakka in the desert where groups of men and women wearing pink-white, white-black, pink-black and many other combinations searching for something unknown in the desert and beating the drum for unknown reasons.

At 00:15 Alone Rajkumari found the man with her camel caravan in which every camel has Mercedes-Benz emblem. The combination of pink-green dupatta (of man, not rajkumari) became red-green and it appears that this man is returning from d-chowk dharna but lost his path.

Zong 4G television commercial

With a girl throwing soil in the air and a guy throwing the hammer with the same style after beating the silver plate, the ad has ended with a voice over i.e. A New Don! A New Dream – Zong 4G.

Yes, it was a new television commercial of Zong 4G and not a promotion of movie or any musical band, not an ad of newly introduced unisex lawn or jewellery, not the election campaign of tabdeeli and that DON is Dawn.

Zong, a Chinese telecom company operating in Pakistan since 2008, has revamped itself with the new logo in 2016 and now they are known as Zong 4G. For introducing their new face, Zong has launched a big marketing campaign in every kind of media from television to signboards.

Zong TVC image

Previously Zong was known to be the largest, cheapest and china ka maal (network) which makes it a brand of lower and middle class. With the new campaign, Zong has tried to show their modern face and tried to get attention from the upper class which is dominant by Jazz and ufone.

But the new campaign for the Zong 4G started in a very confused manner and has no relative substance. There are lots of problem with the appearances already mentioned above. Besides, the desert and old musical instruments showing the backwardness of the idea. The advance corporate look could be better than this concept. There is nothing in the ad which related it to any product, cellular or internet, in any sense. The slogan is not attractive nor purposeful. In our socio-cultural, new dream is something yet to be achieved. And it's not clear what Zong 4G is dreaming about.

Zong 4G logo

This article was prepared as an assignment for MBA course Principles of Marketing taught by Sir Usama bin Iqbal.

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