4 Things You Should Avoid on Facebook

by - June 09, 2015

Facebook is considered to the largest social networking site not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. It is such a gathering, where you can find people like yourself. Like every gathering has its own set of rules to follow, Facebook also have some rules.

Below are some observations in this regard, and by avoiding them, we can make Facebook more better for us and others.

Do not Like your own post on Facebook

It is just like you are encouraging yourself while sitting in between a crowd or giving yourself a high five while standing in front of a mirror. It shows that you are in inferior complex.

Avoid unnecessary tagging with photos in Facebook

Do not tag your relatives, friends, office colleagues or your clients in unrelated photos. Because they might remove you from their friends' list after getting irritated.

Avoid wrong tagging in Facebook status

You may waste your effort in case of tagging a wrong person or a page in your status. It will not only make those tagged in post inconvenient, but your readers may also become friends with wrong people or may follow a wrong page.

Do no insist for comments, like or share

If you are insisting your Facebook friends for comments, likes or share, then beware because FB by using "Like betting" technique, is taking action against such profiles and pages.

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