Urdu Social Media Summit 2015 - A Successful Event

by - May 23, 2015

I never thought the idea that came into minds of the Urdu bloggers while having breakfast at a hotel in Malir would be so difficult and challenging. At that time, everyone made commitments and promises due to their love with Urdu language, but later on, whatsoever had happened only the administration of Urdu Source knows. But we are thankful to almighty Allah for making the Urdu Social Media Summit successful and granting us immense happiness and respect that the past bitter experiences vanished away.

During the preparations of the event I almost lost my hope twice as the things were really messed up and issues were surfacing one by one. In such a situation, people with free advices were many, but when it came to taking responsibility and implementation, such people turned their eyes. At that time, founder of Urdu Source Aamir Malik and my young fellow blogger Kashif Naseer encouraged me and extended their full support, for which, I am grateful to them.
At start, all the issues from preparation, participation of people and website designing, were completed easily, but the important issue was the financial one. With passage of time, financial constraints were faced for making arrangements, advertising the event, meeting with different personalities, contacts with media and other issues and we personally bear the expenses. Tensions were increased as the day of the event was near.

In the meantime, we met Professor Umair Ansari of Mass Communication Department of Karachi University, who is also the KUJAA's acting chief and teacher of Awaz Institute of Media and Management Sciences (AIMS). He offered us collaboration by the Karachi University after knowing and evaluating the aims and objectives of our summit. Another good news was that our summit got sponsorship due to our efforts and love for Urdu. But still there were lot more challenges out there.

A formal announcement of the event was made by the Urdu Source management and representatives of Karachi University and KUJAA in a press conference held at Karachi Press Club.

The next target was to get the cooperation by media as well as to ensure the participation of prominent personalities from traditional and social media. Besides, making arrangements for those Urdu bloggers coming different parts of Pakistan was another tough task. I realized that it’s not the task of three persons (Aamir Malik, Kashif Naseer and me) as Ammar IbneZia and Fahad Kehar were unable to help out due to official tasks, while Shoaib Safdar was out of Karachi.

Meanwhile, two back-to-back sad incidents took place in which renowned Social Media personality Sabin Mahmud and University of Karachi Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman were murdered. After these tragedies, a few of our colleagues expressed their concerns and advised us to review our program schedule, but we were not in a position to postpone the event at any cost. At this point, Fahad Kehar extended his hand, started taking efforts and played vital role in getting onboard Express as Media Partner.

Day and night efforts were on and we kept working round the clock in preparing for awards, banners and publicity of the event, refreshment arrangements and internet provision, confirmation phone calls and emails to participants, designing the sessions of program. Finally the day came.

On Friday, 8 May, 2015 at 7 am, I along with Aamir Malik reached the auditorium and fixed the stage background and confirm internet availability and other issues. Everything was in place but fingers were crossed. Ammar IbneZia and Shoaib Safdar's arrival encouraged us. Then we left for guest house and on our return at around 10:15 am to event hall, we all were shocked to see that it was full of guests and after speeches, it was my session "Meeting with Pakistan's friend American" scheduled. (I will share details about it in next blog, InshaAllah).

Ammar IbneZia wonderfully hosted the event. Shoaib Safdar, Waqar Azam, Owais Mukhtar, Nadir Baig done their assigned jobs amicably. Every Urdu blogger devoted themselves for Summit, which is highly appreciated.

The jam-packed hall put us in doubt of possible shortage of food and beverages, but nothing like that happened. The second part of the summit with personalities from traditional and social media was hosted by Urdu blogger Mahtab Aziz, who came from Islamabad to attend the summit.

At the end of the event, Urdu Source awards were distributed to encourage those working for progress of Urdu language. Best Facebook Page Award was given to Tiflee, best Twitter User Award given to Mohsin Hijazee and Best Urdu blog award was given to Riaz Shahid. I would like to personally congratulate them all for achieving awards for their remarkable services.

These were a few moments and experiences of Urdu Social Media Summit 2015 which I tried to share; however, I am unable to include many things yet. I request you all visit the below links for further details of the event:
Urdu Source: اردو سوشل میڈیا سمٹ 2015ء کی مکمل روداد
Muhammad Naeem: اُردو اب بھی زندہ ہے!
Kashif Naseer: خواب کیسے پورا ہوا!
Abu Shamil: اردو سوشل میڈيا سمٹ، قصہ ہمالیہ کے سر ہونے کا
Ammar IbneZia: Yes! We Did It! #UrduSMS
Shoaib Safdar: اردو + شوشل میڈیا سمٹ
Dr. Aslam Fahim: اردو سے اردو سورس تک


This is a translated version of my Urdu blog اردو سوشل میڈیا سمٹ کا کامیاب انعقاد. Thanks to Sheerin Soomro for the translation.

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