Yes! Urdu blogs are indexed by Google

by - February 06, 2012

There is a common misconception about Urdu Blogs that they are not indexed by Google or any other Search Engine and due to this you will loose much traffic if you blog in Urdu Language.
The fact is that the Urdu Blogs are not only indexed but can take place much better position than other websites which seems giant in industry. All you need to do is correct and fair work.
Please have a look at the image below in which you will find that CricNama, only Cricket blog in Urdu language till yet, is getting much better ranking in Google than Jang, BBC Urdu, VOA Urdu and other big news sources.

ٰIf you still have any doubt about this, search name of your favorite cricketer or any other sports man from Google Urdu :)

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